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Francisco Aviles is a soulful and very talented musician. Weather on the voice or on his guitar, it sings all the time!” - Pierre Bensusan
He has a proper voice.” - Hannah Waddingham
I have known Francisco for many years and I have always been impressed with both his playing and singing. He’s a very talented guy!” - Andy Mckee

Latest News

Hey Fam, I’m back in our town of Nevada City, Ca. Feels as if I’ve lived a lifetime since my last update here. Needless to say check the dates as I’m working on booking shows where you’ll hear some new music. 

From where I'm at to where you are 

I don't have a whole lot to write at the moment. I'm checking off my list, and my website is getting done, card is done. Check, Check. I don't always feel like playing, and my voice doesn't feel as free as it can be. Stress is a factor, being hard on myself is a factor... yet life continues, music is still here, and my list shrinks and that's something.

So as from me to you despite my emotional tiredness, slightly grouchy and impatient disposition.. Life is here, check that off, what's next?